Thursday, August 9, 2007

This is a test post

I'm in London at the moment, but looking forward to being back in Chapel Hill tomorrow.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Ditching TWC for DirecTV in Chapel Hill

I am the kind of fellow who chafes at a monopoly. A couple of years ago, when we dumped our BellSouth landline altogether for Vonage, I was practically giddy for the first few months (and we've never regretted the decision, by the way). Similarly, I have grown more and more bitter at Time Warner Cable, which holds us over an overpriced barrel for television service. When we lived on Thornwood Rd., the cable service itself was extremely unreliable and the customer service wretched. Since we've moved to Tinkerbell, the service itself has become much, much more reliable, but the customer service--along with the pricing--has remained rotten. So in a burst of rebelliousness, as well as an attempt to shave about $20 or so a month, we're about to try DirecTV, a satellite television service that is not only cheaper, but has a much better reputation for serving customers. We'll still be getting Internet by cable via TimeWarner/Earthlink, and we'll still be piping our VOIP phone service through the same lines, but at least the $70 for TV and DVR will disappear from my conscience for a while. I'll try to keep the neighbors posted on how it goes.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Chapel Hill Neighborhood Email Lists Update

If you've read the short intro letter currently posted on the home page, you know that I had hoped to use the site to create a window into the discussions taking place on various Chapel Hill neighborhood email lists.

I still think it's a nifty idea, but after having requested permission from the existing list managers and in most cases getting no response at all, I am forced to conclude that getting permission to republish RSS feeds of the discussions is probably not going to happen.

Oh well.

I hope that just consolidating links to the various lists in one place on the Internet will still prove to be useful for new Chapel Hill neighbors who decide to take to the Internet in search of community resources. At the moment, Carrboro is way ahead of us on that count. For comparison, see: